What is Health Tourism?

What is Health Tourism?




Health tourism:
Medical tourism is going to another country from the resident country for treatment or any reasons to recover. The person going for the treatment is called health tourist.

Medical tourism should not be considered as a type of tourism for treatment at hospitals.

Any kinds of tourism offering a healthy life are not considered as the medical tourism and also medical tourism is addressed under 3 main titles.

  1.  Medical tourism (treatment and operations, etc. at hospitals).
  2.  Thermal Tourism (rehabilitation and resting at thermal facilities).
  3.  Elderly and disabled tourism (Long-term accommodations at geriatric treatment center or highlands with social activities).

You are invited to  Turkey for medical tourism.

World countries know Turkey as the new health partner and the center of rising medical tourism, now. Turkey combines medical and thermal tourism sources, spa and wellness facilities with five-star hotels and provides high-quality and cost-effective tourism packages to the medical tourist.

Don’t go away distant place for health 

Turkey is the junction point between two continents and having borders with Europe, Asia and Middle Asia by its unique and strategic geographical position. It can be reached by plane from many countries easily and in a short time. Turkey has combined its traditional hospitality with medical tourism service concept. Any kind of services that the medical tourist may need during being in Turkey and until returning date are provided by skilled health personnel and agency officers.