Why HRT ?

Why HRT ?



Medical tourism agencies and facilitators are an important part of the medical tourism industry by helping patients during the medical tourism process.  

With the our prefessional team, HRT is  a health tourism agency providing treatments in the best and the most developed health centers to foreign patients choosing Turkey for the purpose of medical and thermal Tourism by working organized with the most professional and experienced medical personnel and facilitators.

- HRT serves for you in many languages.  

- HRT looks for specialized and experienced doctors and advanced medical institutions for patients to have the most proper  and brief service with the best cost about their expectations. HRT does the necessary pre-interview on behalf of the patient with the doctor whom the patient will prefer and accept the treatment plan. 

- HRT prepares special medical process  plan for each one of  the patients by dense connection. To make patients feel relience and comfort like in their home  is our priority . When you contact us, your reports and situation will be directed to the most experienced branch doctors and your treatment will be shaped in the direction of the directives of specialist health staff. 


HRT takes into account your secondary needs during hospitilization process


  • Passenger ticket and Visa consultancy services.
  • Foreign Currency Exchange.
  • Airport shuttle and accommodation services.   
  • Consideration all possible needs before and after your hospitalization.
  • Make you receive your treatment at in network of hospitals, physiotherapy centers and thermal centers in leading standards.
  • Directing the reports to specialist doctors who will assume your treatment.
  • Providing consultancy and translation services for any kind of your need during treatment process.
  • After completing treatment process, offering airport shuttle services.
  • Following up control and monitoring process after treatment and communicating for new appointments if needed.
  • HRT also doesn’t forget needs and comfort of companion/patient attendant.   
  • HRT makes efforts to entertain with all opportunities in your hospitalizing city.
  • Backed by leading tourism experience, HRT support you  to get to try all historical, artistic, cultural, gastronomical trips and experiences.
  • Offer you brief sightseeings and activities in temporary hospitalizing location.
  • Excursions or weekly tours to another touristic places of Turkey.
  • Depend on seasons, summer or winter tourism activities in available tourism places.